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WestWord: Best of Denver 2009 Winner!
Best Central / Southamerican Restaurant

"Puro Peru", Promises the website of Los Cabos II, and this downtown restaurant delivers. Peruvian food is some of the strangest, most delicious stuff in the world- a mishmash of centuries of cultural influences thrown together on one plate. Spanish Conquistadors, Arabs, and Moors, explorers bringing spices from India, Italian cartographers, historic Creoles, African slaves and Asian immigrants- they’ve all added to the rich history of Peruvian cookery. And at Los Cabos, you can taste all of that (or most of it anyway) every time you walk through the door. Your best bet: the $15 dollar international buffet from 11 a.m. to 5p.m. on Sunday, which adds a world tour to the already generous weekday buffet lunch.


WestWord: Best of Denver 2008 Winner!
Best Central / South American Restaurant

“Los Cabos II, over the past couple of years. Central and South American food has become a hot style as young chefs looked even farther south of the border for inspiration. but Denver has had its own inspirational Peruvian restaurant for years. Behind an unassuming downtown storefront is Los Cabos II, a combination restaurant/cultural center that`s decorated with native art (and a giant stuffed llama) and serves authentic peruvian peasant food to all corners. These days the crowd is just as likely to consist of adventurous office workers looking for a hit of bistek a lo pobre, papas a la huancaina and a pisco sour as it is of displaced Peruvians hungry for a taste of home. Fortunately, the sudden attention placed on Peruvian cuisine has only made Los Cabos better, with a recent overhaul of both the space and the menu.”

WestWord: Best of Denver 2007 Winner!
Best Central / South American Restaurant

"Los Cabos II picks up extra points for authenticity. Well, authenticity and the giant stuffed llama.

When the dining room is quiet, this restaurant can (and does) double as a sort of Peruvian cultural museum but it`s the during the lunch and dinner rushes, when everyone`s ordering and then digging into huge plates of multi-ethnic South American grub. From the simplest dishes of lomo saltado and strange Chinese/Spanish fusions to the seriously Spanish paella specials, mustardy potato salad and weekend buffets, everything is delicious and served in huge portions by a staff that`s and friendly as the one at the corner diner.

WestWord: Best of Denver 2006 Winner!
Best Taste of Peru

"The true measure of a good ethnic restaurant is its ability to not only serve something that no non-native in his right mind would dream of eating, but to make that thing so good that it immediately becomes part of the reluctant gastronaut's gustatory lexicon. And Los Cabos does just that with its chupe de camarones, an unquestionably bizarre soup/stew that combines whole, head-on shrimp, all legs and feelers and sweet, delicate meat like baby lobsters, as well as rice, diced potatoes, streamers of egg white, slivered onion, dense garlic, smoky Hungarian paprika and some other stuff that we wouldn't be able to identify even with a field guide to Peruvian fauna. The soup is full of strange flavors you find yourself chasing toward the bottom of the bowl, and so filling that we've never actually seen the bottom of the bowl."